KES Cryolipolysis Technology for Body Slimming

KES Cryolipolysis Technology for Body Slimming


Precise application of cold temperatures triggers the death of adipocytes that are subsequently engulfed and digested by

macrophages. No changes in subcutaneous fat are noticeable immediately after treatment. An inflammatory process stimulated by

apoptosis of adipocytes, as reflected by an influx of inflammatory cells, can be seen within 3 days after treatment and peaks at

approximately 14 days thereafter as the adipocytes become surrounded by histiocytes, neutrophils, lymphocytes, and other

mononuclear cells.
After Treatment
At 14–30 days after treatment, macrophages and other phagocytes surround, envelope, and digest the lipid cells as part of the

body’s natural response to injury. Four weeks after treatment, the inflammation lessens and the adipocyte volume is decreased.

Two to 3 months after treatment, the interlobular septa are distinctly thickened and the inflammatory process further decreases.

By this time, the fat volume in the treated area is apparently decreased and the septae account for the majority of the tissue volume.



In 2010, the FDA cleared a cryolipolytic device (CoolSculpting Elite; ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc., Pleasanton, CA, USA) for reduction of

flank and abdominal fat. In April 2014, the FDA also cleared this system for the treatment of subcutaneous fat in the thighs. One

part of the device is a cup-shaped applicator with two cooling panels that are applied to the treatment area. The tissue is drawn into

the handpiece under a moderate vacuum and the selected temperature is modulated by thermoelectric elements and controlled by

sensors that monitor the heat flux out of the tissue. Each area is treated for approximately 45 minutes and should be massaged for 2

minutes upon completion to improve the clinical outcome.


Post time: Nov-25-2022