These are real feedback from KES machine users

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machines Customers’ Feedback:


These are the feedback from KES machine users. Regarding KES 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine MED-808 and MED-808M, more than one customer praised the cooling system as amazing. With the support of USA FDA and Medical CE Certificate, KES Laser 808 diode laser hair removal series has a very stable system after 15 years of upgrades.

I have used many laser machines from different companies, but I have to say, 808nm diode laser hair removal mahcine from KES is the best I have used. It is painless, the handle is already very cold the moment it is turned on, I’m amazed at its cooling system. My patients are very happy with the painless and effective treatment. I shall be buying another machine soon.

------ Dr. Adriana from Canada


Velashape Body Slimming Machines Customers’ Feedback:

Velashape Body Slimming Machine MED-360 is the star model of KES Laser. KES Laser has professional clinical teachers to guide every customer operation. We ensures that every buyer can use the Velashape Body Slimming machine and obtain obvious results. At present, KES's Velashape Body Slimming Machine has been upgraded to 5 treatment handles, and the combination of vacuum,rollors,LED,radio frequency and infrared 5 technologies with lipo laser has a remarkable slimming effect.

I live MED360 it’s amazing. And I’m very grateful to KES, they patiently taught me how to use velashape body slimming machine. I use the Velashape machine for back and within one session I have seen great result. My clients trust me as a professional beautician.

------Alla, a beautician from Switzerland


IPL SHR E-light Machines Customers’ Feedback:


KES Laser’s IPL machine is a machine that can work continuously for 18 hours. In a busy beauty spa, a KES IPL machine can switch between different modes and continue to work for you. MED-230 has USA FDA and Medical CE certificates, and is favored by agents in different countries.

Before buying this machine, I always thought IPL can only be used for skin rejuvenation. I like the SHR handle of KES very much, the whole body hair removal work can be completed in 15 minutes.

------Hirdesh from Australia


I have purchased the velashape machine Med-360 and I am too much satisfied with machine. Beijing KES is a serious company and have really good products. The machine is working very well and also it gives very good results. Beijing KES is a trusted company. I will share a photo with velashape machine Med-360 and also I strongly recommend to everyone who is searching for good products and services to contact and buy machine from Beijing KES.

Very friendly, supportive and quick responding Team with KES Biology. Received the machine in Switzerland after 15 days in perfect condition and without any problems.After working with the machine for 3 weeks we can say that we are VERY pleased with the quality and the performance.

I am very pleased with the excellent service and the very high quality machine.Thank you very much.

Professional and honest company, nice quality units. Delivery good on time. Really amazing cooperation with KES.

love the service and customer support ! Kavent helped me with my order he was in touch all the time!He is awesome!Delivery took 5 days from China to Canada I was surprised be honest never had this experience before so quickly! machine is well made ,works excellent I am very happy with my order Will order again from this company for sure! Highly recommend you this guys they are so responsible !


so happy with this purchase I hope work great for customers.

The machine came as we agreed, everything is fine. Extremely detailed service !!! They respond at any moment. Thanks!!! Safe and reliable !!! The device gives great results.

Based in Beijing we provide OEM and ODM customer service with our products, which give us the right to say “we make quality”