What DPL Will Bring You?

KES Latest DPL Device

DPL all-round operation platform, which can realize various functions of different bands of DPL, SHR, IPL, Elight, and Laser can be combined at will.

Which handles do you want to have?
This machine adopts the latest DPL technology, with a narrow band of 550~650nm,

which provides safer and more effective skin rejuvenation and freckle removal.
The fastest light output is 10 shots/sec, what does this mean???

Compared with the traditional IPL 1 shot/sec, it saves more than 50% of the treatment time

Wow Wow Wow ~ ~ ~

It helps the salon/clinic to double the number of clients every day and reduce the cost of using the machine.

KES DPL machine adopts the unique DPL handle in the market with the high-definition camera
it displays the skin and hair problems of the treatment site in real time,

helping beauticians to better grasp the clinical effect and ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment result.

KES DPL uses the most advanced Android WIFI system,

which can master the usage of each machine, customer information management, fault alarm, upload clinical training videos, treatment

parameters, maintenance manuals, maintenance videos, and improve customer satisfaction after sales.

What are you waiting for ???

At the same time, through the Android system, you can push your company’s latest information, products and services to customers through

the Internet, helping your company to increase the repurchase rate of customer machine.

We believe that DPL’s unique patented technologies will make your company’s products more competitive and increase your machine’s profit.

We’re looking forward to cooperating with you and your company on the latest DPL devices.

Post time: Nov-09-2022